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What we do

We believe in creating tangible opportunities for minority and immigrant workers in the Hospitality and Tourism industry through our Placement Aid and Skill Development (PASD) Project, we undertake a multi-step process to empower these communities, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employment Solutions for immigrants across Canada:


We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our first step is always to identify individuals who can benefit the most from our program. Through robust community outreach and engagement, we locate promising candidates who are eager to grow but may lack the necessary skills or opportunities.

Key Features

a) Community Outreach Programs

b) Collaboration with Local Employment Agencies

c) Intake Assessment for New Participants

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Once we identify potential candidates, we assess their existing skills, career interests, and the barriers they face in their job search. This data-driven approach ensures that we can provide personalized training programs that make a real difference.

Key Features

a) Skill Gap Analysis

b) Career Interest Surveys

c) Individual Development Plans


After understanding the unique needs of each participant, we begin the upskilling process. This involves targeted training sessions, workshops, and certification programs designed to fill the identified skills gap. Our trainers are industry experts committed to nurturing talents and enriching lives.

Key Features

a) Targeted Training Sessions

b) Certification Programs

c) Career Development Workshops

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Our job doesn't end with training; it ends with job placement. We collaborate closely with local employers to place our graduates in positions that not only match their new skills but also offer a path for future growth. We aim for long-term success, not just immediate employment.

Key Features

a) Employer Partnerships

b) Job Matching Services

c) Long-Term Career Support

Workshops and Events


Identifying Skills and Skill Gaps

Date: June, 2024

Location: [Virtual / On-site Address]


Wondering how to identify your skills and gaps? This workshop will introduce participants to the World Economic Forum Taxonomy Model framework tool, helping you plan your career with more precision.

Job Interview

Resume Building and Job Search Programs

Date: June 28, 2024

Location: [Virtual / On-site Address]


A hands-on session on how to create an effective resume and strategies for job search programs tailored for minority and immigrant workers.

Support Group

Employer Focus Group

Date: July 19, 2024

Location: [Virtual / On-site Address]


A platform for employers to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of the PASD program. Open to employers in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry across Canada.

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Training and Certification Program Overview

Date: Ju;y 15, 2024

Location: [Virtual / On-site Address]


Curious about the training and certifications available through the PASD Project? Attend this workshop to understand the types of training and certifications, and how they can benefit your career.

Join us in our mission to develop new skills for minority and immigrant workers, increase long-term job placement, and enhance national awareness of social issues.
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